Government cash windfall for garden village


An extra £300,000 in government funding will go towards making the garden village at Long Marston a reality, following a successful bid from Stratford District Council.

Developer CALA Homes are intending to build up to 3.500 homes on the site, 400 of which have already have outline planning permission, though the rest of the properties are dependent on Stratford’s hotly contested South Western Relief Road (SWRR), being approved.

The money, which has come from the Government’s Homes and Communities Agency, will be used to boost assessment work being carried out by Stratford District Council and Warwickshire County Council.

It will bring the total investment in this element of the project to £530,000 and will pay for specialists on matters including urban design, public transport and environmental health.

Some will also go to the district council’s legal team and highway engineers at the county council.

Cllr Daren Pemberton, Planning and Building Services Portfolio said: “The capacity funding will help fund dedicated staff, studies and assessments that are vital to the delivery of a successful garden village.

“This is key to ensure we have the right resources to deliver high quality new communities where residents will enjoy a high quality of life.”

The garden village plan has faced some criticism in recent times over issues such as the low level of affordable housing planned within the first 400 homes application, but it is the plan for the SWRR that has sparked the most opposition.

The Stratford Residents Action Group has led much of the campaign against the road, holding a number of events and demonstrations to put their points across.

Outline planning applications for both the 3,100 homes and the SWRR are currently going through the planning process.