Chinese pavilion gets the go ahead


A CONTROVERSIAL plan to install a Chinese pavilion in the Firs Gardens, in Stratford-upon-Avon was approved at Stratford District Council’s planning meeting last night.

It’s not known when the Peony Pavilion will be constructed but it could be in place in time for this year’s Shakespeare Birthday Celebrations in April.

Permission was granted after a vote of 6 to 2 in favour at a district council planning west meeting on Wednesday but the news will come as a big disappointment to some local residents who thought the district council’s proposed location was wrong from the outset.

They urged SDC to look at alternative sites which sparked a flurry of opposition letters on the council’s planning website along with a petition signed by a number of other objectors. The pavilion has to be located on district council owned land.

It is seen as a gift to Stratford by the city of Fuzhou in China as a sign of the growing ties between the two.

  • TGB

    This demonstrates prefectly the contempt which elected councillors have for their ward members.

    The many valid objections to the use of this site for the Chinese edifice have been ignored; just as we knew that they would. No doubt some expenses-paid trips to the donors’ country are envisaged in the guise of research into Chinese tourism. It is absolutely typical of the self-serving corruption suffered by this town at the hands of its councillors.

    This small but attractive park will be ruined forever by their selfish actions and as access will be restricted by the removal of two entrances it is far more likely that vanadalism and anit-social behaviour will take place there. I wouldn’t hold out much hope for the pavilion’s survival when the local louts and thugs notice it.

    Few tourists will ever see the pavilion in The Firs and it strikes me that the councillors are embarassed by the gift and want to hide it away. The obvious place to site it would have been in front of the theatre on the Bancroft Gardens where all and sundry would be able to point their ‘phones at it to their hearts content and wonder what on earth it is doing there.

    I have serious doubts about accepting any gift from this Communist country with its brutal, secretive and repressive régime and am not happy that our town is associated in any way with it.

    • KJ

      Although I do like the pavilion, I agree with everything else you have said. It seems odd to me that SDC/Herald didn’t promote the opening ceremony of the pavilion.
      Maybe spending a bit more on caring for the park’s large commemorative rose bed might be a good thing to do. All the roses have been allowed to slowly die off, and have been replanted with tiny specimens, whereas the new bed by the pavilion has so many new plants in it, they will be suffocating in a years time. Maybe the council could spare some money from the Tramway Bridge lighting budget?