Fingers crossed for Harriet’s life changing op

Harriet Jones of Shipston.

A YOUNG Shipston woman has flown to Spain for a life changing operation which she hopes will ease the intense physical agony she feels on a daily basis because of a severe spinal abnormality.

All Harriet Jones, aged 27, wants – is a normal life. She wants to travel, work abroad, enjoy the company of friends and one day start a family but since 2014 she’s been left in crippling pain caused by a complicated neurological condition which means her brain and spinal cord are being squashed by excess cerebral spinal fluid leaving her with symptoms similar to a brain tumour.

She’s been diagnosed with Pseudotumour Cerebri which gives her headaches, vision loss, numbness and weakness all over body, a constant roaring sound of her own heart beat in her ears, vomiting, memory loss, personality changes, and depression.

Then a minor miracle happened when Harriet discovered the existence of a private health institute in Barcelona which has a 92 per cent success rate with a pioneering operation which can help ease and indeed cure the conditions she suffers.

“I needed to find £19,000 though to pay for the operation and medical care that goes with it so I decided the only way I could do that was by setting up my own page on a fund raising site called gofundme. I started to get donations and thanks to some significant loans I’ve now raised 20,000 euros so hopefully the operation will take place Tuesday,” said Harriet.

Full story in the current edition of the Herald.