Council gains court order against traveller encampment

The group at Stratford Recreation Ground.

Eviction notices are being served on travellers at Stratford Recreation Ground after Stratford District Council obtained a court order this afternoon.

The group, which moved to the site on Thursday, had previously occupied a large area of the Stratford Leisure Centre car park, where they were also issued with eviction notices.

The district council believes the group will leave the Recreation Ground early next week.

The presence of encampment at the Rec has triggered the cancellation of this Saturday’s Stratford Parkrun, while concerns have also been raised about animals with the group.

A spokesperson for the RSPCA confirmed that officers had visited the traveller group, but had not seen anything that would give them legal grounds to ask the police to seize the animals.

There have also been complaints about rubbish being left behind close to the leisure centre car park and the council has confirmed that it is taking measures to clear away the mess.

Some of the rubbish allegedly left at the Leisure Centre (submitted picture)

A spokesperson for Stratford District Council said: “Stratford District Council has this afternoon (Friday) secured a court order requiring the unauthorised campers on the Recreation Ground to leave the site. This is now in the process of being served, and it is hoped the site will be vacated early next week.

“The District Council would like to reassure locals that it is working as fast as the existing laws allow, to bring this situation to a conclusion.”


  • 1jamessmith1

    Stratford-CV37 has plenty of people in receipt of welfare. Voluntary work can be a condition of receiving payment/s, so why can’t welfare claimants clear up the rubbish?

    • Liz Guilfoyle

      Why don’t you offer to help clear it up!!

      • 1jamessmith1

        Liz because I am not claiming welfare like I describe above. I pay council tax, so effectively am contributing all ready

        • Liz Guilfoyle

          It’s not everyone’s fault they are in receipt of welfare!!! Not all disability’s are visible and have you not heard of reduncies.. If you require a hand to clear up the mess send us a message and I’ll help you.I work and pay taxes. I don’t mind getting my hands dirty.

          • 1jamessmith1

            Liz I would hope that the welfare office would not send people to any thing that that would endanger their health. As I understood it voluntary work looks good on a Resume’ This is not my mess, neither do I live near to it. As I understand it those in receipt of welfare/ job seeker’s allowance are eligible for voluntary work. In recent years they have been obligated to spend 40 hours pw doing activates to get them in to employment

  • Liz Guilfoyle

    They will be back unless the council can put up some barriers to prevent them getting back on the land…

  • imustbeoldiwearacap

    They’re taking the proverbial. Surely it is not beyond the wit of the council to have an eviction notice already in hand for other car parks in the town?