Brexit petition comes before council


PRO-EUROPE campaigners were left disappointed this week after Stratford District Council decided not to hold a vote on whether to support a ‘people’s vote’ on Brexit. The issue came before the council after a Stratford4Europe petition urging the authority to support the idea attracted 1,000 signatures.

At least 30 members of the group held a demonstration outside Elizabeth House prior to the meeting. However due to a technicality, councillors were not compelled to hold a vote on the issue and decided not to do so on Monday.

For the full story see today’s Stratford Herald.

  • bran

    1000 signatures is a very low minority for a town of 14,000 good on our councillors for not pandering to these imbiciles. I see a few of the whingers are not even English so don’t really have a say in it.!! I’m sure most of the members voted leave anyway.
    total joke just like srag

  • wicked messenger

    These self-righteous people….why one earth do they imagine that Brexit is any concern of the local authority? If they are searching for an issue – how about the town’s potholes?