Santa sacks bring seasonal magic to families

Gathering Santa Sacks for Christmas are Community Awareness committee members - Jan Lesser, Mandy Bisson, Lesley Long-Leather, Marian Stefanowicz pictured with Rotarians John Barber, Irene Summers, Peter Boxall. Community Awareness Chair Imogen Joss with committee members Jill Ziemer and Val Ayres.

FOR many children whose families live in deprived situations Christmas gifts can be rare or non-existent as parents struggle to pay household bills and put food on the table. 

Local charity, Community Awareness, has for some time now put together Santa Sacks for these children in order to bring a little seasonal magic into their lives.

This year, sacks have been prepared for 200 children living in the north Cotswolds and south Warwickshire and will be delivered by health visitors, parent support advisers in primary schools, and the charities Parenting Project and Home-Start.

By fund-raising throughout the year, and with the support of people like the North Cotswolds Rotary Club, the charity – Community Awareness – has been able to put together for each child a huge bag of books, toys, stationery, games and toiletries. Boxes of biscuits and chocolates are provided for families to share.

Full story in this week’s Herald.

  • 1jamessmith1

    so why did the parents have children they could not afford in the first place….any chance it might have been because they are to lazy to get a job, so they thought having children means they have to work fewer hours per week to get more in welfare than they would with out children