Road campaigners hold sky-high demonstration

An artist's impression of the river crossing on the proposed south western relief road

The fight against Stratford proposed South Western Relief Road reached new heights this week as campaigners installed large poles at the site of the project to help illustrate its scale.

The Stratford Residents Action Group (SRAG) decided to demonstrate the scale of the structure this week because council planning officers have been visiting local residents to see what impact the road will have on the area.

It is not the first time SRAG have tried to draw attention to the height of the SWRR, earlier this year a large scaffolding structure put up on racecourse meadow and a line of balloons were held aloft along the proposed route.

The group have also held exhibitions against the road, conducted a leaflet campaign and placed large banners around the town.

A planning application for the road has already been submitted with the deadline for comments passing last month.

More than 1,000 people commented on the online application, the vast majority of whom were against the construction of the road.

  • imustbeoldiwearacap

    I notice CALA have got away with not including affordable homes in the first tranche of development at Long Marston, it makes you think what changes will be made to the road once the plans have been passed.