Tramway Bridge lights fail again

Workers have been forced to fix the Tramway Bridge lights before

Stratford’s ill-fated Tramway Bridge lights have failed once again, despite hundreds of thousands of pounds being invested in the system.

The bridge lights, which run along the floor of the crossing, have been a sore point for Stratford District Council, which was forced to invest £90,000 to reinstate the lights last year, following the failure of the original system, installed in 2010.

Adding the £138,000 cost of the original system, almost £230,000 of public money has been spent on the lights so far.

Due to the financial situation of the company who installed the original system, the council has been advised that it is unlikely that any of the £138,000 they initially spent on the system could be recovered.

The one consolation to taxpayers though is that the council will not have to pay to have the lights fixed this time around.

This week residents took to social media to point out that the lights were once again not working.

A spokesperson for Stratford District Council said: “Following investigations a fix, at no cost to the District Council, has been found however it has been decided to carry out this work in January to cause the least disruption to residents, visitors and businesses in the town.

“The decision has been made not to fix the lights this side of Christmas to ensure least disruption to the town, as the bridge would have to be closed for some time for the works to be carried out.”

Former Stratford mayor Cyril Bennis, who has long spoken against the cost of the lights, said: “I’ve noticed for the past couple of months that the lights have not been working properly and there’s clearly condensation on the inside.

“There’s obviously something inherently wrong with the bridge which makes these lights unsuitable.

“This is a huge embarrassment really, we told them a few years ago that these lights were a waste of money and now here we go again, we’re back in this sorry situation.”

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    I wouldn’t term the £90,000 ‘investment’.