More cash to go on CCTV upgrade

Stratford District Council

Even more money is to be ploughed into upgrading the district’s CCTV network after the Cabinet at Stratford District Council agreed to release extra funds for the project.

The council’s CCTV network currently consists of 104 cameras operating in Alcester, Bidford, Henley, Southam, Shipston, Studley Stratford and Wellesbourne.

The devices are all analogue and considered to be obsolete, while the operating system which controls the cameras is also now at the end of its life.

A consultation exercise also concluded that an additional six cameras need to be installed, to eliminate blind spots.

The council had been examining whether to invest in a wireless transmission or another using fibre optic cables, and decided that the fibre system, which is cheaper, would be the most ‘future proof’ option.

Back in April, the council agreed to commit £465,000 of its reserves to partially upgrading the system, a move supported by both Warwickshire Police.

However the cost for all this is now expected to be £796,607, £331,607 more than originally budgeted.

During Monday’s Cabinet meeting members decided to divert an £175,000 from its ICT budget towards the camera system, as well as taking an extra £156,607 from reserves.

Cllr Lynda Organ said: “I think the CCTV service provided by this council is one of the most important elements of its work and I have no hesitation in supporting this recommendation.”

During the meeting Cllr Peter Moorse, leader of the Liberal Democrat Group, said that whilst he was all in favour of the upgrade, he would urge the council to consider CCTV on Evesham Road, explaining that it was Stratford’s only major route not currently covered by the system.

Phil Grafton, head of governance and democracy, agreed to look into the matter.

  • 1jamessmith1

    Do we have any good reasons for Evesham Rd needing CCTV?

    • bran

      So they can print out free speeding tickets?

      • 1jamessmith1

        Bran, funny, I used to live on the Evesham Rd near the cemetery for about 5 years. Accidents where unheard of, when did things change?
        bran speeding tickets are not free, the total cost of ownership can easily be several hundred pounds, or please explain?

        • old_moaning

          I saw an advert for “The Tramway Lighting Company” … Apparently they do good deals on this sort of stuff..If anybody from SDC CCTV dept would like to give me a ring I’d me more than happy to give them their phone number and my bank account details…