Name change confirmed for town’s oldest school


STRATFORD’S oldest primary school is to change its name to reflect its historic link with Holy Trinity Church, it has been confirmed.

The Willows Church of England Primary, which was created nearly 200 years ago, will be known as Holy Trinity Church of England Primary, after its founder Holy Trinity Church.

The name change will come into effect next September. In June this year, when the proposed name change emerged it provoked a strong reaction from parents – many of whom were former pupils. They claimed they were not fully consulted about any part of a rebranding exercise.

However, some other parents felt the name change was appropriate as it linked the school more closely with the church it’s associated with. This week it was announced that the decision had been made to change the school’s name following a period of consultation with parents, teachers, the parochial church council and the local education authority.

Chair of governors Kay Dyer said: “Holy Trinity is one of the most famous and visited churches in England and as this is the church where our school began, this makes us very special.

Residents and the wider community are not always aware of the connection, yet as a school and church we are deeply proud of this link. As we continue to work closely together, we want to celebrate this through our shared name.”

Holy Trinity Church, where Shakespeare is buried, founded the first primary school in Stratford in 1when it moved site to the road of that name.

The Reverend Patrick Taylor said: “The school is a Church school, not a faith school. This means that while it is a Church of England school with a Christian ethos, it is fully inclusive and teaches about all faiths. In fact, as a church and a school, we want the pupils to experience life in all its fullness.”

  • bran

    religion has no place in schools. its just child abuse.

    • Stu Watson

      Too true. Mankind’s worst ever idea. there should be no place in school for this nonsense. Though people should be free to make their own minds up outside of school.