Alcester appoints new High Bailiff

David Parkes and the new Low Bailiff Andrew Brown

ALCESTER has a new High Bailiff who will be a familiar face – and voice – in the town.

David Parkes, formerly known as the Town Crier for a decade and then Low Bailiff last year, has been elected to the top Court Leet role. The new Low Bailiff is Andrew Bown.

Mr Parkes was elected on 4th October and although will no longer be collecting rents for the medieval Lord of the Manor he will join the Court Leet in some special and spectacular occasions in the next 12 months.

The first is the Court Leet Church Service, on Sunday, 21st October, which will include a dignitaries’ and officials’ parade through the town at 2pm and culminate in the service at St Nicholas Church at 3pm.

Mr Parkes said originally the parade’s purpose was so townsfolk could see who their new High Bailiff was and although now largely ceremonial it was still a ‘big deal’ in the town and a great spectacle with a marching band and all the dignitaries.

He added: “It’s a huge honour to be High Bailiff, a real feather in my cap. I’ve missed being Town Crier but this is a whole new world to come. This role means you’ll be forever in history but I’m so fortunate that this year it’s also the World War I 100th anniversary Remembrance Parade so it’ll be an extra special and poignant time.”