Warwick physicists to welcome hundreds of Brownies to campus

From left: Tishtrya Mehta, PhD student, Dr Elizabeth Stanway - with her original Brownie uniform, Yashna Lekhai, PhD student, Ally Caldecote, outreach officer and Selina-Jane Spencer, PhD student, preparing to welcome hundreds of Brownies to the physics department at Warwick University.

STAFF and research students from the University of Warwick’s physics department are preparing to welcome almost 700 Brownies to campus next weekend to spend a day learning all about physical sciences.

Ally Caldecote, outreach officer for the University of Warwick’s physics department, said: “This is a great opportunity for hundreds of girls to meet inspiring physicists from the University of Warwick, do some hands-on experiments and get a real taste of what physics is like. We are still not seeing women equally represented in the numbers choosing degrees in physics or even at A level. This is something we are working to change as it is an important factor in the development of the subject.

“We want to inspire the next generation of young women in science. We hope that spending a day with us at Warwick will fuel the Brownies’ curiosity and encourage a lifetime of wondering about the world around them.”

Physics PhD student, Tishtrya Mehta, who will be helping on the day, said: “I used to be a Brownie and I loved finding out about the world.  It’s great to be welcoming 700 girls to Warwick to learn all about physics. Maybe we could end up inspiring the next Nobel Prize winner or the person who discovers life on other planets.”