Sunday Market moving to Bridge Street this weekend

The changes will see the Sunday market on Waterside moved to Bridge Street.

Stratford’s Sunday Market will move from Waterside to Bridge Street this weekend ahead of new anti-terrorism measures due to be installed in November.

Last week it was announced that the new measures, which include the installation of new bollards on Waterside and a new one way traffic system on Sheep Street, would not come into force until November, a month later than originally scheduled.

However the relocation of the Sunday Market, necessary because of the new bollards on Waterside, will take place on Sunday, ahead of the new measures.

Joe said: “I don’t think all businesses will be aware that this is happening this weekend, we were only informed in the week, which is why we’ve tried to publicise it. We don’t know how this relocation will go, some businesses will probably do well, but there are others who don’t want this to happen.

“We really want to know what businesses think about the market relocation and I would encourage them to come to us with feedback.”

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  • SJD67

    Always good to hear what Joe has to say, whoever he may be

    • old_moaning

      I think it’s “Joe” as in random “Joe Public” who seems to have his finger on the pulse far more than the other clowns that make these decisions.