Police target drivers using mobile phones  


THIRTEEN motorists were handed traffic offence reports after they were found using their mobile phone behind the wheel of their vehicles on Friday 21st September.

Patrol officers led the operation with support from roads policing and neighbourhood officers. The operation was focused on education as well as enforcement, with posters placed in local establishments and community engagement throughout the town.

Following the operation, Sergeant Alexander Hunt of Warwickshire Police said: “Using a mobile phone behind the wheel significantly increases the risk of being involved in a crash. Every year people across the country are involved in fatal collisions as a result of using mobile phones while driving.

“We want to ensure that Warwickshire roads are a safe place for everyone and hopefully this is shown by our proactive and robust approach.

“Road safety is paramount to us as we strive to protect people from harm, on and off the roads. There will be more operations like this and similar in the future.”

Drivers caught using their mobile phones while driving can face a £200 fine and a six point endorsement on their licence.

  • Liz Guilfoyle

    They deserve what they get.

  • 1jamessmith1

    well done for catching the 13 scum. £200 fine is a joke though. It needs to be more serious, some thing like their car being impounded for a month