UPDATE: Three arrested following Stratford drugs raid


More than 30 police officers were involved in a targeted drugs raid in Stratford this morning.

The intelligence-led operation, which focussed on a property on Carew Close, took place shortly after 9am with officers cutting through the front door in order to gain access.

The raid is part of Operation Protect, the force’s recently launched crackdown on organised crime.

It includes police efforts to combat county lines drug trafficking, whereby criminal gangs from big cities look to establish drug distribution networks in smaller county towns.

Following the raid two females and a male were arrested for on suspicion of possessing drugs with intent to supply.

Sgt Simon Ryan, who led today’s operation, said: “Operations like today’s are about causing as much paranoia and disruption to organised crime groups as possible and make Warwickshire an unsavoury place for them to come and do their business.

“Today is very much around any persons and any vehicles connected with the supply of Class B and Class A drugs.

“Stratford is a very affluent town, it’s nationally and internationally known, the problems in Stratford are not any bigger than in any other towns of similar geography and size, but we take drugs and crime seriously.

“The ongoing operation for the day is a significant size, it’s the largest that we’ve run in my 16-17 months in Stratford around Operation Cerberus, which was our response following a shooting in November last year.

“I would implore members of the community if they think something is wrong, if they’ve got that gut feeling that something doesn’t feel right around an address or a person, just call it in.

“We will make it as difficult as we possibly can for drug dealers in Stratford to get settled and do business here and we will tackle people as seriously and a as joined up with our community and our partners and hopefully the criminal justice system.

“We’re here to protect people from harm and we rely on the community to feed us intelligence to tackle crime. If people suspect criminal activity please call us on 101 or contact Crimestoppers anonymously.”