Campaigners urge council to back ‘peoples vote’ on Brexit deal

Stratford4Europe members taking part in the Peoples' Vote March back in June.

Pressure is being piled on Stratford District Council to support a ‘peoples vote’ on any final Brexit deal, as campaigners warn that the impact of leaving the EU will be felt particularly hard in Stratford.

An e-petition, set up by Stratford4Europe, calls for such a vote to include the option of the UK remaining a full member of the EU, amid growing uncertainty over the outcome of the government’s negotiations.

The pro-Europe group are hoping to have gathered more than 1,000 signatures by 23rd October, at which point they are planning to present it to the Council for debate.

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  • Simon Teale

    I signed! Local councils are going to have a difficult time budgeting without EU support, particularly with the effects on the significant tourism and automotive industries in our district.

  • Duncan Hodgkins

    Signed. We are a tourist town. We need EU nationals more than most places in the UK. With one of our biggest rate payers JLR announcing their concerns about Brexit and the Stratford Tourist Industry concerned about recruiting staff come Brexit and a government that simply cannot deliver it is time the people had a say on whatever shambolic deal is finally offered

  • David

    The Country had a vote on this matter and the vote was won by the leave group its called democracy. If you don’t agree with democracy then perhaps you should go and live in the Euro Zone.

    • Simon Teale

      No David,

      If you don’t agree with democracy, then you campaign for something different and vote again.

      Just like your lot did.