Generator switch-off could have affected patients


Police are investigating how a generator in the grounds of Shipston’s Ellen Badger Hospital was intentionally turned off overnight earlier this month.

The switch off, which had the potential to cause serious problems for patients was reported overnight on Saturday 8th September.

A spokesperson for the South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust said: “Due to an unexpected problem with the existing generator, for safety reasons we had to install a temporary generator in the grounds of Ellen Badger Hospital.

“Unfortunately it is our understanding that someone intentionally turned off the generator on Saturday 8 September. Whilst this could have had serious repercussions, we can confirm that no patients were harmed during the power outage.

“There is no longer a requirement for the temporary generator so it has been removed from site. All local residents have been kept informed and the matter is being dealt with by the police.”

The incident has sparked anger on social media with locals incensed by the stupidity and recklessness of whoever turned off the equipment.

If you have any information about the incident call police on 101.