Fashion retailer to close Stratford store


FASHION retailer Outfit has confirmed that its Stratford store at the Maybird Retail Park is to close.

The company has not provided a reason for the closure, but has confirmed that it will cease trading on 20th September.

It houses lines from, among others, Dorothy Perkins, Oasis, Miss Selfridge, Top Shop, Top Man, Wallis and Burtons.

Around 26 people who currently work in the store, are being offered relocation elsewhere in the company, rather than being made redundant, according to the store manager.

What do you think of Outfit’s closure? Did you use the store? Are you affected by the job relocation? Let us know by emailing

  • Lucy

    Can’t say I’m surprised it’s looked like a jumble sale for years, constant sales on and hardly any new stock. No decent sizes when I visit, I’m a women’s size 16 and that’s the national average…so where are all the 16s? Matalan has improved a lot though, very impressed with it at the moment.

    • Aimee Hine

      If that’s the national average size for a woman then they have sold out because it’s a popular size!

    • 1jamessmith1

      Wow 16 that is enormous…..

  • Liz Guilfoyle

    I’m not surprised

  • bran

    The place was a chav magnet but most of the time was an empty mess. highstreets are dead. Online is way better and cheaper.

  • wicked messenger

    Outfit has confirmed it’s store is to close? Well, its a shame. Perhaps theres a chance it could be replaced with a school to teach journalist’s the use of the apostrophe?

    • 1jamessmith1

      The Herald won’t care about bad punctuation, any more than they care about the facts. i.e. the fattest broad band or the hours of a new night club being from 10am