Council serves notice on Greig Hall

The Greig Hall site in Alcester.

Alcester’s Greig Hall looks set to come under council control after the authority served notice on the company which runs the facility on 19th July.

In 2005 the council provided £800,000 of funding to the Greig Trust to provide a leisure service at the venue, but informed them in January this year that the agreement would be coming to an end and the money would need to be recovered.

As the Trust are unlikely to be able to pay the money back, the Greig Hall would then fall under council ownership.

The six month notice period on that leisure agreement came to an end last Thursday and the council has now launched proceedings to recover the cash or most likely take over the site.

Cllr Lynda Organ, Resources and Property Portfolio said: “‘Stratford-on-Avon District Council is committed to the long term provision of leisure facilities in Alcester and has earmarked £500,000 for improvements to the Lifestyles building.

“The District Council has worked with the Trust since 2014 endeavouring to achieve a managed transfer of the facility, with the District Council providing significant financial support during this period. This course of action has not been successful.”

A statement from the Greig Trust this week explained that the council did not need to get its grant back as the Trust was providing the agreed service, and had invested the grant in improving facilities at the site, as agreed by the council.

The statement added that the Trust had made proposals concerning the future of the site and requested meetings with the council, but had been rejected in both cases.