Police criticised for ignoring complaints

Cllr Tony Jefferson.

THE leader of Stratford District Council is urging the police to do more to crack down on alleged anti-social behaviour at modified car meets in Stratford following complaints at the weekend.

Some residents took to social media on Sunday night to criticise the meet up at the Maybird Retail Park, complaining of loud noise and speeding.

Responding to the issue being raised by Cllr Jason Fojtik at this week’s full council meeting, Cllr Tony Jefferson said: “We are well aware of the instances of anti-social behaviour that have been reported and we have been requesting that the police do something about it.

“We are now cranking up the pressure on the police to act. “It’s now across at least two car parks and it needs dealing with. I am less than happy with how police are responding to residents’ concerns about this issue.”

Cllr Fojtik added: “I’ve had e-mails from residents on Clopton Road and I heard it myself and I live quite a distance away, lots of backfiring and other noises which disrupt people’s everyday lives. “I would like the police to do more and to understand how the community feels about these events and how disruptive they are.”

Responding to the criticism, Inspector David Kettle of South Warwickshire Safer Neighbourhoods, said: “We are aware of a report of anti-social behaviour in each of the two car parks in Stratford Town Centre on Sunday, 15 July, which we are taking seriously, and we continue to work closely with residents and partners such as Stratford District Council, to reduce the unacceptable behaviour of a number of people.

“Where people are identified as causing anti-social behaviour we have various options available to us to take action. Working with partner agencies supporting each other gives us a much better opportunity to reduce such behaviour.

“We would encourage the local community to carry on reporting any concerns to us so that we can continue to address this issue and respond to any other instances.” Defending the Allmods Club, meet organiser Harry Kay, told the Herald this week: “Here at Allmods we have always had the best interests at heart, we established the club with three fundamental principles, the first to change the public perception of car enthusiasts, second to respect local authorities and constabularies and work closely with them and thirdly to respect ourselves and the public around us.

“We have had a wonderful relationship with Warwickshire Police especially Sgt James Ryan and the SNT here in Stratford, however where the problems begin to show is the lack of support given to us by the district council.

“We have set up meetings to discuss our plans with them and what requirements they have but sadly we have been betrayed by them countless times. “We have always followed instructions and maintained the upmost respect for the SNT team and the local council, by honouring their requests of us. “However I do agree that residents’ concerns should be listened to.

“We all want the best outcome with this and to continue the relationships we have made in the local community.

“Our next event is in aid of Help For Heroes. Details can be found on our Facebook page and I urge people to come down to the event and see what we’re about, we are not boy racers we are car enthusiasts that come from a vast array of backgrounds, ethnicities and sexes, however we all share the same passion for cars.”

The club, which formed around four years ago regularly holds meetings around Stratford in car parks at Waitrose, the Maybird Shopping Centre, and Sainsbury’s in Wellesbourne.

Last year district councillor Robert Vaudry criticised the club saying he had received numerous complaints from residents concerning the Allmods Club relating to loud music, fireworks and other anti-social behaviour.

  • bran

    None of this is anti social behaviour its the complete opposite its a social event ffs.

    Residents moan that there is nothing for the kids to do and when the kids take initiative and do something for themselves the Nimbys complain. The elder generation in this town for wanting need to grow the F up and take a look at there own problems.

    SDC is completely pointless at this point with so much in fighting we will never so anything positive from them unless the cabinet is completely dissolved and a more youthful, thoughtful,intelligent and clued up cabinet gets set up.

    Also ignore anything that tit Robert Vaudrey says, one of the most incompetent misogynistic sexist human beings I have ever dealt with a complete waste of space.

    • Pinky Partridge

      You need to come round the back of hodgson road when you get the trucks unloading at silly aclock

  • jontyoung

    Here we go again. Why does this hobby need to impact the whole area? Speeding up and down car parks in residential areas, backfiring and screeching wheels keeping kids awake and upsetting pets. Is that classed as socialising? Not to mention the dangerous driving on the roads to the meet, overtaking on bends in convoy. Completely selfish attitude, when the council are closing children centres why should they waste money on these idiots.