Swan signs don’t get message across

Former Stratford mayor Cyril Bennis casts his eye over the new swan signs on the Recreation Ground.

NEW signs on Stratford-upon-Avon’s Recreation Ground warning dog owners to keep their pets under control in light of 12 swan attacks this year, have been branded “toothless” by former mayor Cyril Bennis.

While Mr Bennis welcomes the opportunity to raise awareness about dog attacks which he describes as “frightening and devastating” for the swans he questions why the signs don’t carry some sort of fixed penalty like there is for dog fouling?

“The signs are so small you can’t even see them. There’s no penalty or fine for those irresponsible dog owners who can’t control their animals and when you ask them to put their dog on a lead they ignore you or become rude. It’s only natural for dogs to run around when they’re on the Recreation Ground; just keep them on a lead until you’re away from the swans is all we ask,” Mr Bennis said.

Full story in the current edition of the Herald.

  • Bob Jay

    “The signs are so small you can’t even see them.”
    I believe the sign is just about visible in the picture above.
    It is the green thing with “HELP PROTECT THE SWANS” written on it.
    Perhaps a better headline might be ” Attention seeker seeks attention shocker!”

  • bran

    Maybe stop the swans from walking on the footpath and try and divert them to the sanctuary. ugly smelly birds

  • Jake Turnbull

    Of course they are toothless. They have beaks.