Plastic pollution over Stratford

One of the plastic sheets spotted over Stratford Racecourse.

CONCERNED Stratford resident Lyn Walter took this photo of a large sheet of plastic flying over Stratford Racecourse yesterday, Thursday, afternoon.

Lyn sent the image to the Herald after becoming concerned that the large sheet of plastic caused a potential threat to wildlife and farm animals.

She said: “Given all the publicity surrounding the damage that plastic does to the environment, it seems incredibly irresponsible that anyone would let this happen.”

If you know where the plastic has come from you can email the Herald at




  • There have been hot air balloons in the area in recent weeks; I saw one early yesterday morning south of Stratford. Perhaps it fell from one of them?

    • bran

      Its a bail cover for the grass cuttings,they have a pile of them in the middle of the field. If the Nimby had bothered to look around she would have seen them. Herald talkingg up none news as usual.