Epic Bible reading spells success for fundraisers

Bible readers pictured during the day included the Rev Richard Mutter, rector for the Arden Valley, Greg Musson, Dorothy Mann, Janet Livingston, John Foster and Sue Sayers. Photo: Mark Williamson S60/6/18/9179 or 9182

OVER 100 people took turns reading through the entire Bible at St James the Great Church in Snitterfield – all for a good cause.

People took 15-minute stints each, sometimes more than once, over a 75-hour period from Monday, 11th June to Thursday, 14th June.

The volunteers who read involved people from four other churches besides St James the Great, which included St Mary’s in Bearley, St Mary’s in Wolverton, St Mary’s in Langley and Holy Trinity in Norton Lindsey.

The event celebrated the centenary of the Coventry Diocese, and served as a fundraiser for two charities supported by the churches, which includes Tariro, which serves disadvantaged children in Zimbabwe, and The Butterfly Tree, a charity which supports children and rural communities in Zambia.

The Rev Richard Mutter, rector of the Arden Valley churches, said: “I think it was a great sign of the community coming together to achieve something, and that people are still interested in hearing about the Bible and word of God.”