Wellesbourne Airfield businesses suffer blow in leases legal battle

Wellesbourne Airfield.

Businesses at Wellesbourne Airfield have suffered a major legal blow in their efforts to prevent the site being developed into housing, after a judge rules that their leases would not be extended.

The businesses are currently locked in a dispute with Littler Investments, who want to sell the land for the construction of up to 1,500 homes.

In an effort to secure their futures at the site, businesses had applied to extend their leases at the airfield, but yesterday judge Richard Haydn Williams ruled that new leases will not be issued.

Littler Investments are fighting on the basis that they want to demolish or carry out reconstruction work on a substantial part of the site.

Duncan MacKillop, Chairman of Wellesbourne Matters, said: “It is very regrettable that the Wellesbourne based businesses have had their application for tenancies turned down by the Court. It is our view however that this does not represent the end of the process that has been running for several years now, but is just another obstacle to be overcome.

“We are now in the process of exploring the various options that are open to us, but this will take some time before we have any definitive answers or plans.

“In the light of the above the Wellesbourne Matters AGM will be postponed for a period of time until our options become clearer.”

For more reaction read the full story in this Thursday’s Herald.

  • James Wilby

    We’ll end up with just housing and no social facilities for adults and kids to enjoy if we don’t protect assets like this. Please if you are pro keeping what will be a difficult and expensive facility to replace talk to your local council rep and our MP to intervene with Compulsory purchase they previously agreed. It’ll then also through landing fees, business leases/rates and fuel sales be useful source of income as well as public facility. I know not everyone agrees but democratically elected bodies have agreed to protect flying at Wellesbourne so don’t let them forget.

    • bran

      A CPS for an airfield really!!! I think SDC have more issue to resolve with the low reserves the council has first. like getting everybody out of poverty and homed!!!!!

      • jolox

        CPO is not a magic solution and will take many years, it cannot be done with a click of a finger as it seems to be being suggested.

  • Matt Packwood

    I am confused…. is the suggestion that an airfield is a social facility?

    It looks like a place for the privileged few to keep their expensive toys.