Former KES pupil vows to walk again after horrific tree fall

Former King Edward VI pupil Xander Van der Poll recovering at Oswestry Hospital with girlfriend Maggie Arnold at his bedside.

A FORMER King Edward VI (KES) pupil in Stratford-upon-Avon has vowed to walk again after a horrific injury he sustained when he fell from an oak tree he’d climbed since childhood.

Xander Van der Poll, aged 19, was deputy head boy at KES last year but suffered the horrendous injuries when he fell eight feet and smashed his back on a protruding tree root.

His girlfriend Maddie Arnold was with him at the time when the accident happened. They’d taken the family dog for a walk in the fields when Xander decided to climb the tree just as he’d done since he was seven.

The first year medical student at Bristol University has vowed to walk again despite having no feelings in his legs from the waist down.

“I’ve got ten days left of six weeks in bed and then I begin rehab to learn to do things again but I’m determined to get there. I’ll still pursue my dream of becoming a doctor,” Xander said.

He takes his first-year medical exams next month.

KES headmaster Bennet Carr, who has visited Xander in hospital, said: “Xander excelled at school, making the most of the opportunities available to him but was always willing to give something back – perhaps unsurprising for someone who is now training to be a doctor. It was clear, even from the very early days with us, that he had a bright future ahead of him and this tragic accident changes nothing. He was his usual effervescent self when I visited him in hospital and I was struck again by his tremendous strength of character.  He is a young man of whom we are incredibly proud and he knows that the school community will be there to support him as he faces the challenges ahead.”

A crowd funding page has been set up to help raise money for Xander and his family. You can give by using the following link HERE.