Car registration auction raises £5.3million

Samantha Cole from the DVLA

Stratford hosted a special auction of unique numberplates earlier this month raising an incredible £5.3million for the DVLA.

While they may not be to everyone’s taste, personalised registrations are big business, with bidders keen to snap up eye-catching plates at events such as the one hosted at the Stratford Manor.

Amazingly all but two of the 1,250 lots sold, with the top selling registration 1SVR going for £45,000.

Other registrations such as 500O went for £29,000, 10MM for £20,600 and 1LGV sold for £20,000.

Jody Davies, DVLA personalised registrations’ senior sales manager, said: “The sun certainly once again shone on us at Stratford-upon-Avon. The town has been extremely kind to us in the past and last week was no exception. Clearly the popularity in personalised registrations continue to grow, out of the 1,250 lots we offered for sale the Stratford Manor Hotel only two remained unsold which is a phenomenal result and another step towards our goal of recording a complete sell out.

“Our hopes for the registration 1 SVR were realised with it becoming the sale’s highest-selling registration, going under the hammer for a mightily impressive £45,000.”

While there were plenty of smiles at the auction, the big winner is the DVLA and ultimately the taxpayer.