Stratford Transport Strategy adopted

Warwickshire County Council's Shire Hall headquarters in Warwick.

Stratford’s controversial Transport Strategy has been adopted by Warwickshire County Council after the district council approved the plan earlier this month.

The Strategy, which proposes a number of measures for solving Stratford’s traffic problems, was formally incorporated into the Warwickshire Local Transport Plan last Tuesday.

Earlier this month the district council was forced to make a major amendment to the Strategy, removing the Eastern Relief Road (ERR) from the plan.

The decision was made after a motion to remove the ERR was tabled by Cllr Lynda Organ, who warned of the unwanted development speculation it could bring to south east Stratford.

The motion attracted support from a majority of councillors, though the removal of the ERR from the Strategy has forced plans to impose a weight limit on Clopton Bridge to be dropped from the document.

District Councillor Kate Rolfe, who supported the proposal to remove the ERR, said: “I welcome the decision made by SDC and county cabinet to exclude any reference to the eastern Relief Road in the Stratford-Upon-Avon transport strategy.

“The time for any references to an ERR would be when a new transport strategy is being devised in 2026 in line with work on the new core strategy at SDC in 2031. At that stage the county council will be in a better position to identify future traffic needs and possible solutions. A line on a map was never going to work.”

The county council believe imposing a weight limit on the bridge is now currently a viable option without the ERR to support the measure.