New lease of life for struggling shopping area

George Turnbull of Altitude Asset Management, which is pledging to regenerate Red Lion Court in Stratford-upon-Avon. (R28/05/18/9962)

THE word on the (high) street is there will be some good news on Stratford-upon-Avon’s retail horizon with the regeneration of Old Red Lion Court which is set to become a high-end boutique shopping area.

Read the full story, as well as the final part of a special report on the state of the high street in the current edition of the Herald. Download a copy HERE

  • John Nisbett

    Ah the “high-end boutique shopping area”
    Read high rent, small units most of which will remain empty for long periods and the rest which will change hands every quarter day.
    Much as it is now with fancier paintwork

  • old_moaning

    Note the words “Asset Management” …If you really want to know why so many shops in Stratford remain empty for years e.g Paperchase in Greenhill st with ridiculous rents being asked …its all to do with asset value related to rental value (or rather perceived rental value)

    Better for the pension fund to have a high asset value of the property on their balance sheet and it sitting empty rather than drop the rent to a realistic price (and it be tenanted) but see the asset value on the book plummet because of the lower rental value

    Suggest you investigate this Herald!

    • 1jamessmith1

      old_moaning what you say is good, but how can an asset/ shop have a high value if it is empty for a very long time like Paperchase,?

      The value of an Asset is based on how long it takes to change hands, based on the market average time for it to change hands.

      It is like shops and restaurants that only value staff at Legal min, then find they can’t get staff or they do and find the don’t stay very long