Question marks over Shakespeare Celebrations


THE organisers of Stratford-uponAvon’s biggest annual event — the Shakespeare Birthday Celebrations — are reconsidering the future of their role claiming the three-day festival inflicts ‘unacceptable levels of stress’ on staff.

Download a copy of the current edition of the Herald for the full story HERE.

  • This is reminiscent of the sad story of the “collier poet”Joseph Skipsey, who, as custodian of Shakespeare’s birthplace, had a nervous breakdown from trying to answer questions posed by skeptical tourists. A few months after his death, this true story was fictionalized in Henry James’s 1903 story, “The Birthplace.”

    • headlight

      Not really. You apparently didn’t read the article, did you? The issue is that the event takes a lot of resources and staff time to organize. SBT used to do it and for the last few years it has fallen on the town to do instead.

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