Relief road is dropped from strategy

Cllr Lynda Organ, left, and Cllr Kate Rolfe, with anti-relief road campaigners outside Stratford District Council's headquarters earlier this week. Photo: Mark Williamson (S39/4/18/8505)

CAMPAIGNERS have been accused of ‘shooting themselves in the foot’ after one of the controversial relief roads planned in Stratford-upon-Avon was taken out of the town’s transport strategy.

Find out which one and who criticised those against it in the current edition of the Herald. Download a copy HERE

  • KJ

    The Clopton Bridge needs saving.
    It is very damaged from the bottom up by oversized trip boats hitting it and the big lorries going over it will eventually lead to even more damage. No one seems to maintain the bridge, even though it has chunks of stonework missing from the navigation archways and it desperately needs repointing. The conduit pipe, that runs under the metal footbridge, is broken and has been falling apart for years.
    Why does the town council or county council deal with it!
    Maybe an article in the Herald about the state of the bridge, including photos, would help to kick start some much needed action on this matter.