EXCLUSIVE Campaigners call for Stratford-upon-Avon’s own Brexit

Strexit campaigners Sophie West, Richard Vos and John King.

This story is no longer available as it was an April Fool’s Day joke!


  • Ha. And. Ha. It does capture Stratford-upon-Avon’s right-wing-leaning sense of entitlement perfectly, though.

  • Ronan Woods

    Tourism is what keeps Stratford a thriving town, people come from all over the world to see it so why would you want to destroy that? This way of thinking would kill many local businessess and to be quite blunt is just plain silly.

  • Some may find this funny, but as a foreigner living in Stratford, I find this quite racist. Racism often starts with jokes. Shame on this so-called newspaper for sharing this.

    • Well said! Even as an April Fool, this smacks of insensitivity, as well as a (typical?) failure to look outside the Stratfordian ‘bubble’. That the Herald editors think it amusing enough to print shows, unfortunately, that they have not considered how those from outside SUA – or those, like me, who physically shivered (with offence) upon reading it… – may react. It is an ‘in joke’ (no pun intended) without the necessary humour or insight to render it actually amusing.

      • JD Hogg

        Urgh, you two are so pathetic.

        I can’t imagine your reaction to an actual crisis!