Schools issue stranger warnings following incident


Schools are warning pupils and parents to be vigilant of strangers after a disturbing incident in which a primary school pupil was approached as she walked home.

The incident happened close to Snitterfield Primary School on Friday afternoon at around 3.25pm, when a female pupil was approached by a man in a black Mercedes.

The man started asking the girl questions but she sought refuge at a neighbour’s home, not far from the school.

The matter has since been reported to the police.

In response to the incident a number of local schools have issued warning letters to parents, asking them to remind their children not to engage in prolonged conversation with strangers.

Sarah Plaskitt, executive headteacher at Snitterfield Primary School, said: “This occurred close to the school and when it had happened the girl went straight to a neighbour’s house nearby, she was very sensible.

“We have spoken to children about stranger awareness, especially after this incident. What I would say is this is a very rare occurrence, the vast majority of our pupils are collected, they rarely walk home alone. It’s a tricky one because we want to encourage independence among children in our upper years, many of whom will be going to school elsewhere and travelling on busses soon, but we obviously don’t want things like this to happen. We don’t encourage parents to allow their child to walk home alone, but at the end of the day it is the choice of parents.

“When something like this happens the local authority are very good at passing the message on to schools in the area, who in turn issue letters to parents and speak to pupils about stranger awareness.”

If you have any information regarding the incident at Snitterfield Primary School contact police on 101 quoting crime reference number 132 of 17th March.

  • “Started to ask questions” doesn’t sound very illegal to me. “Started to ask leading questions” – something completely different but I’m sure that would have been reported if it were true.
    Or is that where we now draw the line to be on the safe (paranoid) side?
    Stay afraid people, more chance of getting run over or hit by lightning than being abducted by a daylight “curb crawler” but let’s keep the fear on a rolling boil!

  • Anna C

    I don’t find there is any reason for a girl to be asked questions by a man on a car on her way home. It was obviously distressing for her and this is why she sought refuge at neighbour’s home.