Office staff dig in for National Trust planting target

l The National Trust’s head office team get their hands dirty at Charlecote Park, with area ranger Joy Margerum.

A TEAM of volunteers from the National Trust’s head office in Swindon got their hands dirty to help create new habitats for wildlife at Charlecote Park.

They planted a total of 613 young bare root saplings, which will grow into new hedgerows stretching for 280 metres along the historic estate’s boundary.

Four varieties have been planted comprising hawthorn, hazel, dogwood and field maple.

Eventually they will provide food sources, habitats and hunting grounds for a wide range of insects, small mammals and birds as well as larger birds of prey.

The new planting will also provide shade and create a windbreak for the rare breed Jacob sheep who graze on the land.

The head office team also planted a selection of new trees, including beech, cherry, oak and field maple.

The National Trust has pledged to create 3,000 hectares of quality habitat by 2025 in the Midlands.

Joy Margerum, area ranger for Charlecote Park, said: “We’re excited to watch the habitats flourish and become a real haven for wildlife.”

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