PHOTO GALLERY and VIDEO: The Beast from the East hits hard


THE Beast from the East dumped a load of snow on the Herald’s patch overnight and throughout Friday, causing widespread disruption.

School have closed, events cancelled, public services disrupted, and main and rural roads across the area have been severely affected.

Heavy flurries are forecast to continue throughout the evening and into the early hours, and a yellow weather warning will remain in place until at least 11am on Saturday.

The Met Office said temperatures are then set for a sharp rise, hitting seven degrees on Monday morning, which will trigger a big thaw.

Several events have been cancelled as a result of the adverse weather. More HERE.

The Herald’s photographer Mark Williamson has been out and about, see his pictures below.

Spectacular snow drifts alongside the A3400 at Pathlow. Photo: Mark Williamson
It was snow school for many. Photo: Mark Williamson


These recently born lambs braved the wintery conditions near Loxley. Photo: Mark Williamson
An ambulance battled through the conditions as the snow began to fall again this afternoon. Photo: Mark Williamson
Many residential roads in Stratford, including Shottery Road, made for tricky driving. Photo: Mark Williamson
There was no stopping the Royal Mail in Stratford. Photo: Mark Williamson
The Ridgeway near Stratford had to be cleared throughout the day. Photo: Mark Williamson
The Ridgeway near Stratford. Photo: Mark Williamson
Spring was trying its hardest to arrive. Photo: Mark Williamson
Stratford’s canal basin is frozen solid. Photo: Mark Williamson
These pigeons on the rood of Cox’s Yard cancelled all flights. Photo: Mark Williamson
Delivery drivers continued to get through despite the conditions. Photo: Mark Williamson
This cyclist took to the A3400 south of Stratford. Photo: Mark Williamson
The A3400 south of Stratford was badly hit by snow drifts. Photo: Mark Williamson
Snow piled up near Snitterfield. Photo: Mark Williamson