VIDEO: Campaign to save ArtsHouse gathers momentum


THE first signs of a growing momentum behind the fight to keep Stratford ArtsHouse open were seen today in the form of a protest.

Around 200 people turned out to a photo shoot organised by the Herald at the popular Rother Street venue with one message on their minds and tongues – Save Stratford ArtsHouse.

And it was a message that reverberated across town as chants and singing broke out – a lively scene which even prompted honks of solidarity from passing motorists’ car horns.

The gathering, which has now attracted regional media interest to the campaign, follows the first meeting organised by the campaign group on Sunday evening.

The demonstrators made it very clear as to what they wanted to happen. Photo: Mark Williamson

The meeting, the second one of which is planned for this Sunday, was organised by Dominic Skinner, who launched a Facebook campaign immediately after the Herald broke exclusive news last week of the Town Trust’s highly controversial decision.

Dominic is calling for community groups to come together to help form a robust and sustainable business plan for operating the Artshouse.

A petition is also growing with more than 4,000 signatures already added.

Representatives of many groups made their presence felt while braving the wintery conditions. Photo: Mark Williamson

Dominic said: “It’s been an absolutely fantastic turnout. The college kids, who will be really hit by the ArtsHouse closure, have been great, very vocal. There are lots of groups here protesting from across the community.”

The Herald revealed this week that a funding agreement between the ArtsHouse Trustees and the Town Trust would end on 5th May, meaning the ArtsHouse will close after that date unless a new backer is found.

For the three-page Special report- including the latest from the Town Trust – story see tomorrow’s  Herald.

  • Kaitey_the witch

    Great turn out for the community, something Stratford residents can actually get behind!!! Its nice to see an actual relevant campaigning in this town compared to nimby SRAG or the brexit crap that nobody’s really bothered about. Keep up the good work!!!