Anti-Brexit bus stops off in Stratford

Actor David Bradley rubbed shoulders with a Boris Johnson lookalike as the bus stopped off on Waterside.

OVER 100 people gathered on Stratford-upon-Avon’s Waterside on Monday afternoon as an anti-Brexit bus made a stop on its nationwide tour.

The bus, which stopped for 30 to 45 minutes at the waterside, as part of a 33-stop national tour, is emblazoned with the phrase ‘Brexit to cost £2,000 million a week’.

The bus is part of a grassroots campaign called Brexit: Is it worth it? to tell truth about the cost of leaving the European Union.

The bus tour – branded nonsense by UKIP Stratford – started outside parliament on Wednesday, 21st February, and ends later this week.

The red anti-Brexit bus on Waterside earlier today.

Actor David Bradly spoke and Drew Galdron, a Boris Johnson look-a-like, performed a skit outside the bus.

Tim Evans, who rode the bus with the organisers and spoke to the gathered crowd, said: “We’re not refighting the referendum. we’re asking the question is it worth it?”

The bus went to Birmingham Monday morning before arriving in Stratford. It made a quick stop later on Monday afternoon in Shipston, and then went on to Oxford.

Several more stops have been added to the tour as it’s gained more financial support along the way, which includes Norfolk and Suffolk.

Mr Evans told the crowd shortly before he passed around a collection hat: “We’ve raised enough money to turn our eight days into 11 days.”

A crowd funding campaign with donations from over 600 people raised the £16,000 needed for the tour.

Philip Richmond, one of the tour organisers, said: “It’s a whistle stop tour covering the country.”

The group say the aforementioned figure on the bus is based on the Government’s leaked report that Brexit, even with a Free Trade Agreement will, cost us 5% of GDP after 15 years.

The use of the bus has been designed to echo the leave campaign’s bus used during the EU referendum campaign, which was heavily criticised for claiming leaving the EU would save the UK £350million which could be spent on the NHS.

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