MP still refuses to answer constituents’ questions over controversial dinner

Nadhim Zahawi MP

NADHIM Zahawi has again refused to comment about his attendance at the controversial Presidents Club dinner, after being questioned by a Herald reporter today.

Stratford MP Mr Zahawi held his constituency surgery in the Other Place theatre this afternoon (Friday), but, when asked to answer questions posed by many of his constituents about the event, two weeks ago, he kept referring to his ‘previous statement.’

The MP said he also had not yet read an open letter composed by students at Stratford Girls Grammar School urging him to apologise and answer their questions about his attendance at the event.

Mr Zahawi also refused to confirm whether he had attended the Presidents Club Dinner previously, simply saying he had nothing further to add to his previous statements on the matter.

No statement has ever been made.

He went on to clarify that the statement he was referring to were the two short responses he posted to tweets last week in which he condemned the behaviour reported to have taken place at the event and said he would not attend any future men-only functions.

Following the scandal that has erupted in the wake of the Presidents Club gala, at which young women were said to have been groped and propositioned, the Herald has made repeated attempts to speak to Mr Zahawi.

The full letter composed by the students and now signed by around 300 young people, many from Stratford District, was sent to Mr Zahawi at the beginning of the week by the Herald.

A spokesperson for South Warwickshire Conservative Association confirmed tonight the letter had been passed on to the MP’s ministerial office.

To read the students’ open letter to Nadhim Zahawi in full – and for the full story – pick up this week’s Herald.

  • Steve Blackman

    I guess the fact that the surgery was in The Other Place somehow allows him to continue with his role acting out the part of an inadequate constituency representative. I wonder if he’ll ever make concessions to real life.

  • wicked messenger

    why would the RSC allow him to use The Other Place?

    • Steve Blackman

      Quite, you’d think with his current profile he’d sell out the main theatre!

      • KJ

        Zahawi the Musical?

  • Chootchy Face

    There were well-known business people at a small event, so for a reporter it would be an easy catch to name and shame.

    Someone needs to tell Miss Marriage that this is known as ‘evidence’ and it is required when you make your ‘accusation’.

  • Simesy Brakes

    I thought he walked out midway through the evening and certainly before food arrived. If he had been before he would have known what it was all about and could rightly be lambasted for even attending in the first place. Prove that he has been before and was falling in with current thinking and it becomes a different ball game.