FINES totalling £4,200 were handed to drivers who were caught using their mobile phones behind the wheel last week.

Warwickshire Police said 21 fines were given out during the week-long crackdown.

Targeted unmarked patrols were carried out in locally-identified hotspots, while information was hand out to drivers on the tougher punishments, and messages sent out on social media.

In March last year, on-the-spot fines and the number of points on a driver’s licence were both doubled to £200 and six points, respectively.

But since then 420 drivers have still been caught red-handed.

Eighty eight fines were given to drivers on roads in the area covered by neighbouring West Mercia Police last week.

Superintendent, Paul Moxley, said: “Our officers will continue to ensure that we do all we can to enforce this important legislation and take such drivers off our roads.

“This is good work by our officers targeting those putting, not just themselves, but other people at serious risk of injury and potentially far worse. The hope is this deters such reckless driving and means, in the future people will put their phones in their glove box or bag – and never drive distracted.”

  • Centre Parting

    Four per day over a five day week.
    Great strike rate and clearly cost effective.

  • bran

    I’m sure the 4 grand covered all the costs. dumb policing as usual. here’s an idea do some preventative policing on actual serious crimes. maybe we would have less drug addicts and people being kicked to death in the town!!!

    • Lauren Preece

      So do you think that people should be allowed to use their phone at the wheel and not face any consequence for it?

  • Centre Parting

    Just put a PCSO with a camera (not pre-announced) in the top window of the Toll House on the Clopton Bridge – easy money.

  • old_moaning

    I don’t agree with using mobile phones whilst driving and yes there have been some dreadful cases of lives being ruined as a result

    Having said that I also don’t agree with the police given their apparent extremely limited resources spending a week dicking around all week to give out just 21 fines for this sort of offence when there are clearly more important “crimes” that need attention in Warwickshire

    The Police and public should be lobbying Parliament for a technological solution to prevent motorists being able to make calls/text whilst driving…Its obvious that’s the only way its going to be stopped

  • The Lone Ranger

    catch the drivers using their mobile phones send them to concentration camp redditch and make them were a red star that says NO SIGNAL