Cotswolds life through a lens


WITH the deadline for this year’s Cotswolds Landscape Photographer of the Year looming, Chris Smith meets the winners of last year’s competition,which also marked the 50th anniversary of the Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

Almost 200 people entered and three men who shared the title. Here’s what inspired their snaps…

Broadway Tower by Andrew Caley

Broadway Tower by Andrew Caley.

“The photo was taken on the last day of summer, so I wanted to capture Broadway Tower before we ran out of light in the evenings.

“I wanted to capture the tower in a unique way, so I used the path up the hill to lead the viewers’ eye up to the tower set against the evening sunset.”

Andrew Caley.

Andrew is 35 and lives in Bourton-on-the-Water with his wife, Stephanie.

He added: “Currently, I’m an amateur photographer in my spare time but I’m trying to make the transition from a full-time engineer to setting up my own photography business.

“I was thrilled to have been shortlisted and to have seen my work hanging in the Corinium Museum amongst the other great work.

“It has been my highest recognition to date to be awarded the joint winner of the Cotswolds Landscape Photograher of the Year.

“And it has given me additional drive to continue my goal of making my hobby my full-time profession.”

Autumn Eye of the Cotswolds by Anthony Inwood

Autumn Eye of the
Cotswolds by Anthony Inwood.

Anthony’s picture was taken in the village of Notgrove, just four miles from where 50-year-old Anthony Inwood lives in Bourton-on-the-Water with his fiancé, Tracey Sen, and her young son, Ayden.

“Autumn was most certainly my inspiration and last year we had some amazing colour in the trees and it was worth being a little more adventurous.

Anthony Inwood.

“The shot was taken while lying down face up admiring the leaves, the colour and the direction of the trees. It was soon when I realised the shape before my eyes as it appeared an eye was looking at me.

“The trees and branches act as veins and the green solitary centre as the pupil, this is why I called it The Autumn Eye of the Cotswolds.

“I have recently been awarded a photography project for the West Oxfordshire and Cotswold County Council, this is to spend most of 2017 updating their image library up and down the Cotswolds.

“As well other commercial work that has now started to flood in I am very excited about the future and look forward to becoming professional in the next few years.”

Anthony, who works as an IT service support engineer, added: “This was the very first competition I have entered so to be joint first was an amazing feeling to say the least. “I hope to enter more competitions in the future.”

Naunton by Andy Prior

Naunton by Andy Prior.

Andy, from Witney, took his winning photograph in Naunton, Gloucestershire. He said: “I had to wait very patiently for this photo opportunity.

Andy Prior.

“I wanted to include the horses as part of the composition but they were wandering around at the bottom of the hill, facing in different directions, walking out of frame, and not lined up in a pleasing way.

“After about an hour of waiting they all seemed to come together in the way I envisaged, and I was in the right spot to take advantage.”

Andy, aged 32, takes photos as a hobby, and said he was at home with his soon-to-be wife, Steph, and daughter, Daisy, when he received the e-mail that he was a joint winner: “I believe we did a celebratory dance!”

This year’s theme is The Cotswolds – England’s Walking and Exploring Capital, and the deadline for entries is 28th February.

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