Protesters call for answers from Stratford MP

Members of the Stratford Labour Women group

More pressure was piled on Stratford MP Nadhim Zahawi today as about 50 people attended a protest outside his constituency office.

The protest, organised by the Stratford Labour Women, called for Mr Zahawi to answer questions about his attendance at the controversial President’s Club Ball.

Shadow Education Secretary Angela Rayner who has written an open letter to Government counterpart Damian Hinds, saying “serious questions remain unanswered” about Mr Zahawi’s attendance at the controversial Presidents Club Ball.

Protestors march towards the Conservative office in Old Town.                       Photo: Mark Williamson

In the letter, Ms Rayner asked the department to reveal:

  • How many previous occasions has Mr Zahawi attended and when?
  • Can you please clarify how Mr Zahawi came to be invited to this event and if this event was placed in his ministerial diary?
  • Will you publish his ministerial diary from the time of his appointment onwards?
  • Did Mr Zahawi seek advice from any Government officials about his attendance and, if so, what advice did he receive?
A copy of the letter was attached to the front door of the Conservative office.
  • imustbeoldiwearacap

    I’ve said this before! If he had attended these events before, he knew very well what went on. One has to ask why he did not feel uncomfortable at previous events, when we now know similar activities took place, or was the simple answer as to why he left early – he had another engagement (I’ll leave the answer as to where and with whom to your imagination……)

    • Mike Danzar

      You’re just has bad as the bunch of idiots protesting without EVIDENCE.

      Yes he might have been there but for how long? did he just do the auction, did he assault women, did he see men assault women did he go to the after club? Yes? no? maybe? Speculation? Come on if you was there and you saw him do anything above sure kick him out of parliament, if you can’t prove it or don’t know shut your trap.

      • imustbeoldiwearacap

        Defending the indefensible?

        • Mike Danzar

          how am I?

          • imustbeoldiwearacap

            Well, the Government Whip thought he was less than circumspect about his actions. Who am I to argue?

          • Mike Danzar

            They have to and guess who the whip was? a Woman MP.

          • imustbeoldiwearacap

            Your misogyny slip is showing dear!

          • Mike Danzar

            I don’t have any prejudice against women at all, I’m stating that it’s bias for you to bring it up when the whip was a woman and not the same sex, a male police officer can’t security check a woman down and a woman officer can’t security check a man down. And if it was Labour it would be guilty without evidence instead of innocent until guilty just like the twats protesting.

          • imustbeoldiwearacap

            Digging yourself deeper?

          • Mike Danzar

            how am I digging myself deeper you leftie labour twat?

          • imustbeoldiwearacap

            Just read what you posted – on your argument, a male judge could not try a female defendant. In any case the dressing down may have been given by a woman (quite appropriate in the circumstances) but the whips office who made the decision is made up of both men and women and the Chief Whip is a man!

          • Mike Danzar

            and so why was it the woman who decided to give him a bollocking for it? Why was it only her? Sorry but you don’t know what you’re on about, and looking at your other posts you hate Nadhim for no reason and you also hate MPs I wonder if they are just tory ones.

          • imustbeoldiwearacap

            It was the Whips Office who decided (with no doubt steerage from No 10). And what is there to like about Nadhim Zahawi? Oh and yes I’m a leftie labour twat!

          • Mike Danzar

            Fair enough, and he’s a great MP for Stratford Upon Avon and the neighbouring areas. Why is there no protest about the host of the event and BGT judge, and the other rich people who are in high jobs?

          • imustbeoldiwearacap

            He’s an MP and Junior Minister, he’s paid by us the taxpayer! I think we have a right to question his actions! As to the others – you will find that they are being questioned about their actions. I beg to differ about him being a great MP – he spent more time attending to his other jobs and investments than he did to his constituency. It was only when he was made a Junior Minister that he divested himself of these.

          • Mike Danzar

            When I contacted him I’ve had replies, I’ve seen him around my home town, and yeah he is paid by us and should answer questions but should he really be fired just for being there for a few hours and before (with no knowledge of how long he was there before and why he attended? I can see why Labour got their peer sacked because he was a chairman of the so called charity.

          • imustbeoldiwearacap

            We’ll have to agree to disagree then?

          • The Lone Ranger

            seems your getting a reputation for assuming, speculating and distain for people who don’t agree with your point of view…!

            Ohhhh the moral rage..!

            I just checked on Trainline its approx. 59 pounds for a day return to Rotheram, i will happily donate 59 pounds to you and a few extra pounds for a coffee and a cake to go protest in Rotherham..!

          • imustbeoldiwearacap

            My bank account details are…..

      • Kate Sheehan

        Dear Mr Danzar, having read the article and the letter from the Shadow Secretary for education, it indicates that they wish that our MP answer some of the questions raised by attending the event. This would then provide evidence on which a informed decision can be made. He has failed to answer questions and hoping it will all go away, all this group want is answers.

  • Clare Scanlan
  • Mike Danzar

    Bunch of stupid women. Oh yeah stupid Labour.

  • Geoff80

    Nadhim attended a fund raising event where some girls may or may not have been made to feel ‘uncomfortable’. This has caused some other women to go to the trouble of making a protest. What did these same women feel and do about those [not Tories] guilty of the sexual abuse of hundreds of young girls in Rotherham and other similar places ? A sense of proportion needed. The political bias here it too obvious.

    • KJ

      Stratford needs a new MP.
      For him, this fundraising party fandango is low down on the list of reasons he shouldn’t be an MP.

  • bran

    So many empty calories, your asking for answers and he stated he was there for a bit and left. If you want him out vote the conservatives out of this town!!!

  • John Carnie

    I’m curious as to whether Mr Zahawi has answered/commented on the points raised in the letter from Angela Raynor.