Local protest against MP Nadhim Zahawi takes place Sunday

Stratford MP Nadhim Zahawi gave Prime Minister Theresa May his full support this evening
Stratford Labour Women have organised a protest against local MP Nadhim Zahawi tomorrow (Sunday).

Calling it a ‘Women’s Protest’ the group are meeting outside the Conservative constituency office, 3 Trinity Street at 11am and have said they want as many people as possible to join them.

They say they have called the protest to show support to Shadow Education Secretary Angela Rayner who has written an open letter to Government counterpart Damian Hinds, saying “serious questions remain unanswered” about Mr Zahawi’s attendance at the controversial Presidents Club Ball.

In the letter, Ms Rayner asked the department to reveal:

  • How many previous occasions has Mr Zahawi attended and when?
  • Can you please clarify how Mr Zahawi came to be invited to this event and if this event was placed in his ministerial diary?
  • Will you publish his ministerial diary from the time of his appointment onwards?
  • Did Mr Zahawi seek advice from any Government officials about his attendance and, if so, what advice did he receive?

Stratford Labour’s Women’s Officer Eleanor Whitehead said of the protest: “We will be taking photographs and we need as many people as possible to show the level of feeling among local people so please try to join us at 11am and bring along friends and supporters too.”

For more information on Angela Rayner’s letter, visit @AngelaRayner


  • The Lone Ranger

    Here we are again taking the weak and cowardly route to notariety, 2 more things for you to consider along with my original post;


    1. instead of organising a protest against somebody who made a poor decision in public office, why don’t you all meet in Welford and show some community support for the shop owner and his family who were robbed and attacked by hammer wielding thugs, help them and show them somebody cares in true Labour fashion. i can guarantee that you will more hearts and minds than demanding NZ disclose his whereabouts etc etc etc.. do you know where your husband or BF was last saturday night?

    2. Pop down to Chipping Camden and take the staff who were faced by robbers with guns for a coffee and let them know the nightmares won’t last forever hopefully.

    3. Go protest along the Loxley road at all the Conservative Moms driving 4×4’s at break neck speeds whilst doing their make up in the mirror, believe me its not long before we have a child fatality and we will all light candles and sing songs and say how the child had such a bright and beautiful future ahead of them.

    NO i doubt you will just chose the weak and cowardly way to have the self gratification of “look at me I’m challenging the establishment” meanwhile your husbands and BF’s are swiping left on TINDER

    • Dr Foster

      Well said, but they cant do that- Remember- They like the complete LOSER- Raynor, are ‘FAKE FEMI-NAZIS!!!’

  • Lucy

    I think this has all been blown out of proportion and obviously someone went to the press to get a few certain people in trouble. There are more important issues to worry about. I’m more annoyed by the fact Mr Zahawi still hasn’t bothered to reply my email sent before Christmas regarding ‘assisted dying’. Obviously not an issue important to him then. Lost my vote next time!

  • Dr Foster

    I have just read the Column in the Media. May i say, that I think you are ALL ABSOLUTELY DISGRACEFUL for dragging your Kids, kicking and screaming into a SEXIST demonstration, for which they know nothing about. You are clearly ALL UNFIT PARENTS, and should not be allowed to have children, and have Social Services REMOVE them from your HIDEOUS GRIP!!! Shame on the Lot of you so-called ‘Libertarians! You are a complete National Disgrace, along with your Pathetic Side-Kick- The ever Loser- Angela Raynor!

  • Dr Foster

    Where was FAKE LOSER Raynor, or these FAKE FEMI-NAZIS, when John Worboys was about to be released? Were they protesting then? No, of course not….. FAKES! FAKE-FEMINAZIS who drag their Sproggs along to ain Fake Publicity… What a DISGUSTING OUTFIT to be any part of… YUK… The lot of you make me sick!!!