LATEST: Petition launched calling for Nadhim Zahawi’s resignation

Nadhim Zahawi MP

TWO online petitions have been launched calling for under fire Stratford MP Nadhim Zahawi to be sacked or resign following his attendance at The Presidents Club charity dinner a week ago.

One petition appeared on the website today, while an attempt to start another on was also made.

The Parliament petition is inviting people to sign in favour of the proposal after widespread national media coverage revealed Mr Zahawi had attended the dinner at The Dorchester Hotel but left early because he felt “uncomfortable” at the event.

The wording in the petition claims: “Nadhim Zahawi attended the Presidents Club event in his capacity as Minister and front bench Conservative MP. An event where women were sexually abused and threatened to be fired if they spoke out. He has failed to hold the high expectations we expect from a Minister.

We demand his resignation and if that fails, we demand Theresa May to fire him as a Minister for Children and Families. It is unacceptable that a Minister just stayed quiet at such a event. It is beyond us, that he failed to question the logic behind such a ‘men only’ event. You can raise money for charity INCLUDING women and exclusion of women from such events is unacceptable.”

The Parliament petition is yet to go live as the website is in the process of checking it meets petition standards before it is published.

Prime Minister Theresa May has resisted calls from some Labour MPs to sack Mr Zahawi and said she thought he “probably regretted his decision to go.” But public pressure has now put a new twist on the saga with the launch of the petition today.

There was no sign of Stratford MP Nadhim Zahawi earlier when the Herald went to the Conservative’s constituency office in Trinity Street, Stratford-upon-Avon to try to meet with him following revelations in the national press about his attendance at the men only charity dinner in Mayfair a week ago.

Today, Friday, is usually the day set aside by Mr Zahawi for his constituency duties but attempts by the Herald to talk with him at the Conservative office in Trinity Street, Stratford-upon-Avon proved unsuccessful.

The whereabouts of Mr Zahawi remain – for the time being – unclear. When asked twice by a Herald reporter speaking over the intercom at the Conservative office, if Mr Zahawi was available to talk to the press? The reporter was told, “he’s not in today.”

Reporter Simon Woodings was told Mr Zahawi was “not in today” when the Herald visited the Conservative Party offices in Old Town this morning.

His Westminster office later confirmed he did hold his usual surgery but was not at the Conservative Party Office in Stratford.

Earlier this week Nadhim Zahawi is said to have been reprimanded by the government’s chief whip after he was caught up in The Presidents’ Club scandal.

The BBC reported he was called to Downing Street on Wednesday to explain his attendance at the dinner to Tory chief whip Julian Smith.

Mr Zahawi is not the subject of any of the allegations from the event which he said he left early because he felt “uncomfortable” and departed at 9.35 pm.

This week fellow Conservatives voiced support for their colleague on social media.

Molly Giles, Conservative district councilor for Shottery tweeted: “Nadhim Zahawi is noticeably kind and respectful towards women. I have no doubt about his motives in attending what was ostensibly a fundraising dinner for extremely good causes.”

To which he replied, “Thank you Molly. Your words mean a lot to me.”

Meanwhile Michael Gove, Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs said: “My friend Nadhim Zahawi is a really decent and honourable guy who’s in public life to help others – part of a great team at DFE.”

Earlier this month Mr Zahawi was appointed as Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Department for Education.

He has been criticised in the national media and by a number of Labour MPS this week who questioned his judgement for attending the men only dinner at The Dorchester Hotel in London a week ago, Thursday, which allegedly involved the sexual harassment of some of the 130 hostesses working at the venue by some male guests who were present.




  • imustbeoldiwearacap

    Reward for anyone spying our MP in his constituency this weekend! Hint, he’s not here that much and he does sod-all!

  • wicked messenger

    Oh well… We can only hope there is nothing awful to come this weekend in those dreadful Sunday tabloids.

    • Steve Blackman

      Ho hum!

  • Lakanal

    I appreciate the Herald’s trying to be a bit more newsy, but spare us the tabloid stunts.

    • KJ

      Don’t dishearten the Herald when they are at their most exciting.

    • wicked messenger

      Wondered when a Toadying Tory would rush to his defence. Well done the Herald for sticking in there!

  • Steve Blackman

    What is the point of Zahawi? He shows a total lack of judgement in all he does and rarely bothers with constituency matters . Come on Stratford, make a concerted effort to get a real MP. Sign the petition!

    • KJ

      Quite. He should go. ASAP.

    • I’m in the constituency… you do realise that the Conservatives could literally put a pickled cabbage up as a candidate… because all the rich old codgers here would vote for anything as long as it wore a Tory rosette. They are set in their ways.

  • Oliver Kirwin
  • imustbeoldiwearacap

    Strange isn’t it, Zahawi admits attending previous events, only this time he feels “uncomfortable”? He knew what to expect, and only left early because…………………..(fill in the gaps)

  • imustbeoldiwearacap

    BTW, what is it about Stratford Upon Avon MP’s and their moral compass?

  • The Lone Ranger

    I’m fascinated by this recent chain of events and the public outcry. Not so much in the social habits of a conservative MP but more so the reaction of the public! especially in SoA “up in arms” and calling for the head of MP Zahawi…!
    So what fascinates me is that here we have a local group of protestors “Labour Women” which in its own right is duly formed and must have a good cause for there to be such publicity in the local media, however the point that I wish to raise debate on is;
    Will the Labour Women’s protest group also be holding a protest outside the lap dance club on Union Street (and if it’s now closed have they in the held such a protest)?
    I doubt it as they would most likely be met with a slightly stronger reaction form the patrons and foreign owners, whose value of female rights is probably the sum of zero..! I need not go into such detail about the intentions of any male that frequents such an establishment but as you can imagine it’s not for the ambience or the fine frothing ale, subsequently any consequence can lead to men (the men of Sunny Stratford predominantly) into potentially engaging in acts of a sexual nature.

    So to The Labour Women’s group you have chosen the path of least resistance to to gain publicity and some kudos against your rival MP which is weak and cowardly. I urge you to do 2 things:
    1. ask those nearest and dearest (your husbands, boyfriends etc…) have they ever visited such an establishment, you will know trust me! look closer to home before ye shall protest.

    2. Grow some and go and protest for a cause that is worthy and will protect young women who are faced with such choices in life that they have to expose themselves to such perverse notions that men pay them money to act in a lewd manner.

    Protesting against NZ your local MP will achieve nothing his interests and intentions lie far beyond sunny stratford upon avon and as good a man he may well be or not is irrelevant. There are far more worrying issues closer to home as mentioned in 1 and wider issues in life worthy of protest see 2.

    • imustbeoldiwearacap

      NZ is a Junior Government Minister with responsibility for education – so he has to be seen to be fit for the job. Of course the local Labour Party is going to call him to account – it’s called Politics. You too are using “Moral Outrage” to make your point against these Labour Women, but I rather think that they can take the moral high ground, because they will have been subject to sexist treatment all their lives!

      • The Lone Ranger

        Oh the Moral Outrage…!

        I care not for NZ and have no moral outrage just an opinion on the situation as it seems you have.

        It’s admirable for any organisation to take the moral high ground, however i think in this instance the high ground would be better held for a more worthy political cause that the constituents of SoA would benefit from!

        I’m aghast at the fact that all the Labour Women have suffered sexist treatment all their lives. May I ask how you know such facts or is it just your opinion/experience or moral outrage? and also if they suffered such treatment what support/help or action you took to stand against such terrible treatment?

        Did you call the sexist offenders to account or just sit back and do nothing and let it happen? you must have known of course? quote “they will have been subject to sexist treatment all their lives”

        Oh the joys of sunny stratford, a fake play writer and local government well i never and don’t start me on why Shakespeare’s head has gone missing?