VIDEO: Warwickshire Hunt dogs rampage through gardens


THIS video has emerged of Warwickshire Hunt’s dogs running wild through the gardens of residents in Oxhill near Stratford-upon-Avon at the weekend – with one said to have got into the kitchen of a house where a six-month-old baby was playing.

The baby’s mother described the dogs as ‘rampant, incensed and out of control’.

It happened at around 2pm on Saturday, 13th January, and the Herald has been told that the police were called.

The film was shot by a member of the West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs, which claimed the scenes filmed were a ‘fairly common occurence’.

A spokesman added: “There is no reason that hounds from the Warwickshire Hunt would be in people’s homes and gardens except that they were illegally hunting a fox.”

Warwickshire Police and Warwickshire Hunt has been contacted for comment.

See Thursday’s Herald for more on this story.

  • cricket

    How about you also comment on the saboteurs disrupting the hunt and creating havoc with their ridiculous road blocks which may have contributed to this situation.

    • Ged Campbell

      It’s an illegal hunt. They must be disrupted. 85percent of the population are repulsed by hunting with hounds.

    • Alastair Martin

      so the sabs were out of order trying to prevent a bunch of hunters breaking the law? Take off your rose tinted glasses ffs.

    • Nigel Miller

      Yeah, I’m sure that Ocado van at 3:27 was really sabs in disguise attempting to block the hunt with a fake grocery delivery, right ? The only people I’ve seen blocking roads were terrier men on quad bikes preventing sabs from stopping illegal hunting.

    • ldvaux

      Try not to be a moron.

    • Margaret Powls

      Not sure what you mean? Sab vehicles drop off foot sabs and try to leave the area to be in a position to pick them up and take them to another location if necessary. The vehicles you see are generally hunt support and voyeurs looking to see a kill. Also if you attend a hunt you will see sabs do not intervene unless hounds are in cry. Then they use voice calls to try to rate the hounds – and before you try to say otherwise – they always consider safety first.

    • Roy Parker

      I think you will find that it is the terrier men and hunt followers that block the roads and can easily cause accidents. I have horse riders riding in the middle of roads with no care for safety

    • gentlegiant161

      No probs with terrier men on unlicensed quad bikes and their faces covered ? Disrupting something illegal be it a bunch of grollies or someone trying to break into a house except of course plod will react to an attempted house break , hunts of course are immune because that oh so Christian Maybot and Cruella ledsom support it .
      Next silly supposition …….

  • Chris Woof

    It’s about time that the hunts stopped believing they are above the law. Parliament debated this issue, it was decided that hunting live animals with packs of dogs would be banned. This was 13 years ago. The hunts have totally ignored this law, continue to hunt foxes with impunity, ignoring and disrespecting the will of the people. This is wrong. When are the police going to start enforcing the law? For example, it would be fairly obvious to any jury that the presence of terrier men on a ‘trail hunt’ , shows an intention to hunt foxes. This country is too populated to be running amock with large packs of dogs anyway.

  • Lakanal

    These saboteurs need to be arrested for breaching the peace. The hounds seem to have had a good time, despite the harassment.

    • Levinas

      Breach of the Peace committed by hunt who also seem to believe they don’t have to have their dogs under control like ordinary people. Time for these unlawful groups to be shut down and people like you to be shut up.

    • Jane Facey

      What a moronic comment. The hounds are being harassed are they? What planet do you live on.

  • Climatemonster

    Many hunts are getting more and more reckless and defiant of the law and any opposition, as they realise public opinion is moving decisively against them. Even Theresa May eventually realised this and shied away from her previous open support. Unfortunately many in the police, CPS and judiciary are still very much biased in their favour, with some overlap in membership and support. With hunts now regularly invading residential areas with their blood up, trespassing on railways, wildlife reserves, gardens, beaches and busy roads, and assaulting opponents frequently and viciously, it seems likely that there will be a major tragedy before long. The first two paragraphs of this report sound like a very near miss – and a very lucky child.

    • Nigel Miller

      Indeed, these incidents are becoming commonplace but the authorities seem wilfully oblivious. One can only imagine the injury a pack of out-of-control hounds could inflict on a child. I recall the handful of occasions this century when a single fox has allegedly attacked children. These events are always used by the pro-hunting fraternity to whip up public hysteria in their favour even though dog attacks on children outnumber fox attacks by thousands to one.

  • Mickie Holiday

    It is the snobby rich THAT think they are a law unto themselves OOps i meant the Huntsmen!! Supported quietly by the government and the Royals!!

  • AnnaB

    There is no such thing as a trail hunt, it is lies – the trail laid is fox urine, that is why the dogs are in a frenzy they are hungry and it is food. Drag hunts do not have dogs out of control, riders and horses are safe, they do not use quads. It is about ‘blood’ so called sport, this has no place in 21st century, it is barbaric, psychopathic and needs to be confined to history..

    • Lynda Legge

      no place for dim wited lefti.s in this world eaither

      • Pickle

        Surely you mean ‘dim-witted lefties in this world either’? Perhaps you could have managed to type correctly if you weren’t so preoccupied with dragging your knuckles along the floor.

      • gentlegiant161

        Or dimdo bimbos who cannot spell?

    • Lynda Legge

      food hahaha you really are clueless

      • gentlegiant161

        Yeah silly isnt it ? Much better feeding them ‘fallen meat ‘ from diseased farm animals so the dogs then become carriers of BTb and run loose over pasture.. mind you they get shot around six years old anyway when they can’t hunt fast enough..
        So funny arnt you eh? Ha ha ha

  • Lynda Legge

    god this old hag busy shouting hr mouth as usual sabs causeing more noise than hounds its time sabs were arrested and shown a cell and dwp attend to get names for benifit fraud

    • gentlegiant161

      I wonder? Do you hear an echo when you speak ?
      Try taking you head out of your ****. I will leave you to fill, that in , seeing as how you messed up either 🤔