Saddle up for some panto satire (review)

A rehearsal scene from The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Sisters.
PANTO season is upon us but, for those who would rather see it ‘behind them’, there is a deliciously satirical alternative being served up to Belgrade Theatre audiences in Coventry.

The Belgrade’s annual alternative pantomime returns to B2 this Christmas with The Good, The Bad and the Ugly Sisters.
Set in the deep dark Wild West (Midlands), this performance is loaded with groan-worthy gags and send-ups in a nod to the much-loved festive favourite, Cinderella.
In a spit and sawdust saloon, the swing doors are flung open and there stands The Prince, and he’s mean, and he’s got a six shooter. Is he looking for Cinderella? Or just here to ‘stirrup’ trouble? – Believe me, there’s plenty more where that came from!
This rootin’ tootin’ spaghetti western where the glass slippers have spurs, and the bells chime for high noon is only an hour long, but it’s a pun-tastic ride that is well worth you hitching up your horse for this December.
In true panto tradition, the girls plays the boys – who are also girls – who. . . well, it all gets a bit confusing really, but, the four of them do a sublime job and work well to keep the laughs (and groans) coming thick and fast.
If pantomimes aren’t for you ­– this will entertain you. If, like me, you’ve also enjoyed the Belgrade’s traditional version of Cinderella, currently playing on their main stage, it’s also a must-see. But maybe one to take your friends to instead. (Some of the fast-paced humour was a bit over the head of my 12-year-old.) My 16-year-old loved it however.
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Sisters plays until 30th December and tickets are available from the box office at:
Go on, bite the bullet and saddle up for some horse-play – Belgrade style!