Town council to consider parking restrictions in Shipston

Shipston Town Council have agreed to offer the museum a new home at Old Clark House.

Parking restriction could be introduced at Shipston’s newly-resurfaced New Street Car Park in an effort to stop private car parking.

The town council, which recently paid the £20,000 to resurface the car park, is set to discuss the idea of parking charges or a parking time limit would be appropriate.

Shipston mayor, Cllr Dan Scobie, said: “We understand that parking can be a challenge in Shipston and the situation is only likely to become more difficult as more housing developments in the area come online.

“At the moment some residents park long-term in the car park, parking there when they are at home, meaning those spaces are not available to shoppers or people using facilities in the town. We have recently invested a significant amount in resurfacing the car park and we want it to be of benefit to all residents and visitors, not just a few so that is why we are going to discuss whether some kind of restrictions are appropriate.”