Questions raised over council grant to Starbucks


Eyebrows have been raised over Stratford District Council’s decision to award more than £4,000 to the town’s Starbucks café on High Street from its shop front grant scheme.

The scheme allows businesses which operate within the town’s historic spine route to apply for money to improve the appearance of their shop frontages.

However the award to Starbucks has left some wondering why public money is being given to a large international company with a reputation for avoiding tax.

It has been suggested that if improvements need to be made, surely Starbucks is in a position to fund such works themselves.

The council have confirmed that Starbucks, which in Stratford is a franchise, is not the first national business to benefit from the scheme.

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  • nwb

    If it has been agreed in advance that all shops along the Historic Spine are eligible for this grant, then that decision has to stand whether right or wrong. It is only justified to consider that Starbucks, franchise or not, should be able to fund this for themselves and they have wasted a good PR possibility by not applying for the grant to which they were entitled! I sincerely hope that all independent business have no problems in getting a similar grant if they do apply…