Stratford AC celebrate a year to remember at awards evening

Stratford AC's senior award winners.

STRATFORD AC celebrated another highly successful year at the club’s annual awards evening at Stratford School.

An audience of 280 attended as athletes of all ages were hailed for their efforts and accomplishments.

The guests who presented the awards were Barbara Wood, the wife of Allen Wood, who was the joint junior’s founder with John Dell in 1979.

Gwil Price, who is the behind all schools athletics competitions and teams in Warwickshire and Ray Morgan, who is the driving force behind much of what happens with county athletics and competitions in Warwickshire, were also present. All guests praised the success of the club, not just the winners and the many who represent the county, but in providing an environment where every member feels valued and can achieve and exceed their own expectations.

Paul Bearman, a coach at the club, said: “It’s been another full, exciting and successful year right across the club and we are reliant on our volunteers doing their jobs in their own time across the various sections across the club.

“With such a big membership of more than 600 we need a lot of people involved — coaches, officials and administrators.

“On behalf of everyone in the club if you’re a part of the various committees, a junior age group leader, supported the admin, if you’ve officiated at, helped or organised at an event, team managed, raked a pit, raised money for the track refurbishment, served tea and cake etc and in particular if you are a part of the brilliant various coaching teams out in all weathers, all year round… thank you.”

Bearman also mentioned that the club are actively working with Stratford School on the project to refurbish the track, which received a massive boost from the Town Trust, who again stepped up to support athletics in the area, when they awarded the project a grant of £40,000 earlier this year.

He thanked all the people in the club who are also raising money to support the school to raise the considerable amount required for the refurbishment and made a special mention of the club’s Gravelsons family, who braved the elements and climbed the three highest peaks in the Yorkshire Dales in 12 hours to raise £1,200.

One of the highlights of the evening was when David Jones stepped up to announce the latest five inductees into the club’s Hall of Fame.

These are athletes who have achieved international selection in 2017, and Jones said: “What makes this so special is that from the eldest to the youngest of these new inductees there’s a remarkable span of over 40 years, which shows how broad based and successful our athletes are across the club.”

Hall of Fame inductees 2017

Kate Sergent, Paula Williams, Lewis Byng, Olliver Cresswell, Jack Sumners.

Trophy winners

Senior Grand Prix Award

Female – Lynne Hinson. Male – David Jones

Chris Claxton Memorial Trophy

Cadie Hibberd

Senior Shakespeare Competition

Female: 16-34 – Emily Bannister, 35-39 Maria Haslam, 40-44 Emily Adams, 45-49 Sarah Odell, 50-54 Kate Wright, 55-60 Naomi Whittaker, 60-64 Ruth Calderbank, 65+ Maureen Birch

Male: 16-39 James Coy, 40-44 David Maundrell, 45-49 Wayne Vickers, 50-54 Malcolm Boyer, 55-60 Paul Green, 60-64 Mike Barrie, 65+ David Jones

Overall female: Emma Bexson. Overall male: Rob Minton

Senior track and field athlete of the year

Male: Cavan Farrow. Female: Paula Williams

Club championships

Female u-11: Lucia Cassidy. Male u-11: Fred Williams. Female u-13: Emily Cresswell. Male u-13: Freddie Clemons. Female u-15: Millie Leighton. Male u-15: Adam Farrow. Female u-17: Imogen Sheppard. Male u-17: Oliver Cresswell, Jack Sumners. Female u-20: Jessica Sheppard. Male u-20: Daniel Boyd. Senior female: Paula Williams. Senior male: Brian Gravelsons

Most supportive junior person of the year           

U-11 female: Antonia Leece. U-11 male: Harry McDonald. U-13 female: Ella Baxter. U-13 male: Callum West. U-15 female: Charlotte Gravelsons. U-15 male: Finlay Hutchinson. U-17&20 female: Daisy Musk. U-17&20 men: Matthew Ross, James Gionis

The Allen Wood Endeavour Trophy

Oliver Cresswell, Anna Gionis

Junior Star of Tomorrow     

Male: Adam Farrow. Female: Georgie Campbell

Junior Triathlon Award       

8-12 Dedication/Commitment: Theo Skirvin. 13-16 Dedication/Commitment: Ellie Deaner. 8-12 Performance: Jake Deaner. 13-16 Performance: Abbie Wootton

Senior Triathlon Award       

Tri Grand Prix Male: James Purdy. Tri Grand Prix Female: Caroline Gionis. Most Improved Male: Clive Shepherd. Most Improved Female: Caroline Gionis. Tri Athlete of the Year: Male: James Cusack. Tri Athlete of the Year Female: Emma Bexson

Junior All Round Athletes   

Female: Emily Madden Forman, Imogen Sheppard. Male: Freddie Clemons

Junior Cross Country Most Improved

Female: Kate Dufty. Male: Owain Jones

Junior Cross Country Award           

Female: Georgie Campbell. Male: Alex Adams

Senior Cross Country Award          

Female: Rachel Pearce. Male: Oscar Barbour

John Dell Presidents Trophy          

Female Best Performance over 300 or 400 metres

Anna Gionis, Jess Sheppard

Male Best Performance over 400 metres

Adam Bayliss

Most Improved Junior Athlete       

Female: Charlotte Gravelsons. Male: Lewis Byng, Cole Williams

Most Improved Senior Athlete of the Year           

Female: Lynne Hinson, Male: Neil Robertson

Senior Club Personality

David Jones

Junior Club Person of the Year

Daniel Boyd

Athletes of the Year 

Junior female: Emily Madden Forman. Junior male: Jack Sumners. Senior female: Emma Bexson. Senior male: Oscar Barbour.