A bird's eye view of how the tree-lined avenue once looked at Charlecote Park.

THE tree-lined avenue that once formed the grand entrance to Charlecote Park is being reinstated.

The five-year project has begun to put back what for 400 years was the main approach to the house, from the Wellesbourne road.

The National Trust recently bought an eight-acre plot of land next to its car park and visitor entrance on Dog Kennel Lane, which clears the way for the landscaping project.

Over the next 12 months, outbuildings within the historic Wood Yard will also be opened to visitors. They include the stables and a deer larder, while a new café is also being planned.

Kellie Scott, general manager of Charlecote Park, said: “Each year we welcome over 200,000 visitors and the improvements will allow our visitors to move around the park more, enjoying different aspects of what this beautiful place has to offer and help us to preserve the place for the future.”

A further stage of work would see the car park extended and new toilet within the car park itself.