UN scientists discuss climate change in Stratford


International scientists gathered at Stratford’s Welcome Hills Hotel earlier this month to discuss the latest research being carried out into climate change.

Just under 30 scientists from 20 countries, who are part of the Environment Effects Assessment Panel for the United Nations, attended the event.

The role of the panel is to advise the United Nations on the effects of climate change, in order to update the Montreal Protocol agreement.

The meeting was also a chance for delegates to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Montreal Protocol itself, which they did with a birthday cake.

The international agreement has been credited with having a major effect on reducing the amount of ozone depleting substances entering the atmosphere as countries agreed to phase out their use.

Professor Nigel Paul, who works at the Environment Centre at Lancaster University, said: “The Montreal Protocol almost gets forgotten about because it worked, if we had not come to this agreement 30 years ago the world could be a very different place today.

“The Protocol is constantly being updated and amended and our role is to provide the United Nations with the latest scientific research to inform these decisions.

“I think the meeting in Stratford was very positive.”

  • wicked messenger

    Where is The Welcome Hills Hotel? Must be new. I doubt if The Welcombe Hotel will be much pleased.

  • Centre Parting

    Made up venue – made up theories?
    Do either exist?