Classic racing bikes display in Newbold


Newbold Village Hall was transformed into a fascinating charity bike show earlier this month displaying around 100 classic Italian racing bikes.

The event, organised by bicycle enthusiast James Pink, attracted around 200 people during the day, raising £500 for the charity Cyclists Fighting Cancer.

James said: “Technically these bikes represent the Formula One of the cycling world, they are of amazing quality.

“These bikes were designed with aerodynamics in mind, for athletes who knew that shaving just fractions of a second off their times could make a difference in competition.

“A small number of my friends are interested in classic Italian steel racing bikes, I’ve got quite a few and they all just sit there usually not seeing the light of day. We decided to put on a bike show and invited loads of the cycle clubs to attend and thought it would be good to give the money to Cyclists Fighting Cancer.

“It was great to see so many people turn up, with clubs using the event as one of their rest stops as they were riding through the area.

“I would like to thank Stratford Cycle Studios for supporting us with the event.”